Sight tests

Children under 16 and adults over 60 qualify for free sight tests. When you come for your appointment you will have a complete sight test and eye health examination, including

  • Honest advice on spectacle requirements
  • Glaucoma screening using the latest equipment
  • Assessment on your suitability for contact lenses

Your thorough examination will take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and will not be rushed. We will also take care of correspondance with your G.P. when required.

If you require spectacles you will receive honest and practical advice about which frames or lenses would best suit your individual needs and budget. We enjoy helping you find the style of frame which complements you most!

Children's sight tests

Chart Children learn through what they see and we understand that they can be apprehensive about coming to the opticians or scared if they need glasses. We will endeavour to make their experience as fun as possible! We also have a special kiddies corner in the shop and have a wide range of colourful, affordable frames for them to choose from.

Home visits

Emma is happy to provide home visits for house bound patients or those needing a sight test while in hospital. A selection of frames can be brought to your home.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)/Visual Display Unit (VDU) eye examinations

Health and Safety regulations state that all employed habitual users of display screen equipment are entitled to eye examinations paid for by their employer. The employer is also required to pay for any spectacles specifically required for VDU use. Where the employee's normal everyday spectacles (e.g. distance glasses or varifocals) are used for VDU use the employer is not under any obligation to pay anything towards them. In some cases an employer may choose to contribute towards spectacles which are not solely for VDU use but this is entirely at their discretion.

Northern Ireland Civil Service employees can now choose where they have their sight test and purchase their glasses. Before attending an appointment there may be some paper work from your personel department to fill out - this may need signed by your line manager. After your sight test the forms can be completed and your examination fee and/or spectacles receipt will be issued allowing you to claim the appropriate refund from your employer.